Vaccines Experimental?

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By definition if the consequences or effect of an action are unknown then the action is an experiment.

If I ask the question, do you know exactly what will happen to me if you put a substance into my body? The only answer is, a range of things can happen but which ones happen in me as a unique individual can only be discovered upon putting the substance into my body.

Therefore the action of putting a substance into my body is by definition an experiment if the effects cannot be determined with any accuracy for me as a unique individual.

Are the Covid 19 injections experimental?

To answer this question I can first ask, can injury or death occur as a result of being injected with these substances? The answer is, Yes. Injury and death can occur as a consequence of being injected with these substances.

I can then ask the question, do you know if I will be one of those who will be injured or killed by having those substances injected into my body? The answer is, you don’t know. I will find out after I have been injected with those substances and discover how my body reacts.

By definition this action is an experiment. Statistical analysis from vaccine trials cannot determine what will happen to a unique, individual person.

I can then ask the question, how can you determine beforehand if I am one of those people who will have adverse reactions to those substances? The answer to this question is, you cannot.

Vaccines were invented supposedly to augment our immune system. Given the fact that adverse reactions have been recorded for all vaccines, what tests have been invented to determine the effects vaccines will have on individuals before the substances are put into their bodies? Have they been invented? If they have then how is it that they have not been implemented to ensure one hundred percent vaccine safety?

If they have not been invented then it would stand to reason that these inventions would eliminate the experimental and dangerous side of vaccines and so be as important as the vaccines themselves.

I would very much like to invite critical analysis of the argument I have put forward with regard to the experimental nature of vaccines and how it is that pre-tests for safety and efficacy seem not to exist.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Consultant. Author of a few books including ‘Perl’ and ’neuro-linguistic programming: Liberating Parents’.

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Keith Gilbert

Keith Gilbert

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Consultant. Author of a few books including ‘Perl’ and ’neuro-linguistic programming: Liberating Parents’.

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