Coronavirus and The Field of Possibilities

It’s okay to panic. It’s okay to obsess about the horror stories on the news. It’s okay to hoard food and toilet paper. It’s okay to do what you feel is best for you and your family.

It’s okay to talk about the virus. It’s okay to watch the numbers; the fatalities, the numbers infected, and where it is showing up. You’re doing the best by yourself to stay informed.

And your focus of attention determines your state of mind. Panic and anxiety and feelings of hopelessness are amplified the more you focus on the invisible threat. It’s okay to tell the horror stories and to hear the horror stories of others. There is a part of us that needs that information to focus, really focus on our own survival.

And the Field of Possibilities, that neural net, that ecology of interdependencies, that wonderfully complex web of communication between you and me and billions of other minds… creates a greater Mind. It is both depleted and nourished by stories, depending on the type of story.

When did you last tell the story of giving a roll of toilet paper to a friend who reached out on social media?

When did you last tell the story of how you gave a can of soup to the family down the way with young children who have not been able to get food from empty shelves at the supermarket?

When did you last tell the story of how you spent some time with an elderly couple who were frightened because they were cut off from the world?

When did you last tell the story of an innovation or a piece of art that you were enthralled with?

When did you last sit down to or dance with someone to your favourite piece of music?

When did you last tell a joke or humorous anecdote?

It’s okay to panic and fill your belly full of the horror. It’s important to that part of you that needs to focus on where it’s next meal is coming from and how to be safe in an uncertain time.

And it’s okay to tell those stories and jokes with which we can nourish and uplift ourselves. Within The Field of Possibilities could we boost our health and wellbeing, our immune system, with stories that can once again encourage us to feel vibrant and alive?

It’s okay to tell these stories too.



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Keith Gilbert

Keith Gilbert


Neuro-Linguistic Programming Consultant. Author of a few books including ‘Perl’ and ’neuro-linguistic programming: Liberating Parents’.