Global, legalised theft

Ever feel like you’ve been had? Ever feel like you are being played? I know I have.

The pattern was obvious to me;



Global cooling

Global warming

Climate change

Climate disruption


Add future global catastrophe here

When their argument is one that encompasses the entire planet, the…

How a small detail can transform

I have loved sports car design since my early teens. It all started when a dark green Lamborghini Countach passed us as we were driving back from the beach, and I was smitten.

Ever since I have marvelled at how car designers work their magic creating forms that touch a…

Freedom is Priceless

By definition if the consequences or effect of an action are unknown then the action is an experiment.

If I ask the question, do you know exactly what will happen to me if you put a substance into my body? The only answer is, a range of things can happen…

About the Greater Good

Perl is a short science fiction story that I published online in 2017. Today I look at it and I am amazed at how it is even more relevant given the experiences that we have shared globally since early 2020.

Although it is about many things Perl’s central offering is…

Becoming Aware of Invalidation is the First Step

Here is a form of communication that quite literally invites the emergence of mental health problems. The invalidation comes in a particular form that you may have witnessed. It may even have happened to you. It looks like this…

You are talking to someone you trust and you are expressing…

Keith Gilbert

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Consultant. Author of a few books including ‘Perl’ and ’neuro-linguistic programming: Liberating Parents’.

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