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From the people who brought you…

Global Cooling, Global Warming, Overpopulation, Environmentalism, Sustainability, Climate Change, and The Great Reset…

Comes a bold new action thriller


‘Mr President, the people are revolting.’

‘Shut your mouth, Son!’

‘But Mr President, the poles show a huge swing away from psychopathic and sociopathic leadership.’

‘What would the Poles know? We shouldn’t be getting our numbers from them anyway. Bunch of white supremacists.’

‘Mr President, the people are turning against you!’

‘There’s only one thing for it. Go to DefCon 6. Give me the big red button for the nukes.’

‘But, Mr President, you can’t launch a nuclear strike on your own people.’

‘You got a better idea, Son?’

‘How about injecting everyone with experimental gene therapies?’

‘Excellent military thinking. Son, you just earned yourself an all expenses paid holiday to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.’

© 2022 by Keith Gilbert



Keith Gilbert

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Consultant. Author of a few books including ‘Perl’ and ’neuro-linguistic programming: Liberating Parents’.